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Why Zeno Martinez Is Not Your Ordinary Publisher

MAKATI, Philippines - At first meeting, Zeno Martinez will most likely strike you as an eloquent joker who charms you with his quick-witted comments.  Surprisingly, beneath that veneer of playfulness lies a passion to move the nation forward in a different kind of way.  A deeper kind of way to be more precise.

To make one understand what makes Zeno Martinez tick, one has to understand where Zeno is coming from.  Born and raised in the island of Negros, the sweet spot of the Philippines, Zeno spent his elementary years in La Salle Bacolod.  At age 12, Zeno left provincial bliss to explore the big city after he gained admission at the Philippine Science High School. 

It was at the Philippine Science High School where Zeno cultivated his fascination for science and technology.  Discovery, experimentation, and yes, stubborn playfulness were the hallmarks of this person known in Pisay as the namesake of the Greek philosopher who is touted to be the founder of dialectics.

It is through this background that Zeno Martinez founded Techblade.ph, an online journal that zooms in into the world of science, technology, and education in the Philippines.

A first of its kind, Techblade.ph aims to move the nation forward by inculcating among children and their Generation X parents, a passion for S&T courses and the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) track in the Senior High School program.

Zeno explains why an online journal focused on Science, Technology, and Education, is important in building the nation.  "You look ten to twenty years down the line into the jobs needed and you see that there is great requirement for people to process data and create technology.  As it is, the Philippines is making its own mark in the world of information technology.  We've got very skilled programmers and professionals steeped in IT.  We're coming in close to India.  Yet, we know that some of these skilled IT guys in our country were late bloomers.  Even in college, some of them were skipping class and submitting projects for the sake of mere compliance.  Through all of that, we can see that they are still shining in the workplace and even in the tech startup arena."

Martinez adds, "Now imagine if with that kind of skill, we could even start them earlier.  Say, Grade 1?  I started at 12 in Philippine Science.  The perfect analogy would be this :  We all know how China raises up their Olympians.  They don't start training at age 10 or 12.  Even as early as age 1, some of these Chinese baby gymnasts are taught to do somersaults and flex their body.  Fifteen years down the line, they reap the global rewards of an early start".  From that statement, we can see where Martinez is headed to.  "Can you imagine what our nation would be like years from now if we geared them for science and technology at an early age?".


Asked what he best likens Techblade to given the regional startup journals like Tech In Asia and e27, Zeno says, "Techblade is different.  While we do feature startups and events in the Philippine startup scene, Techblade has a wider scope.  In six simple words, it is Science, Technology, Education, for the Filipino."

"Our publication aims to be what Current Events Digest and Bato Balani was way back in our day."   He further adds, "If you were to liken it to the glossy magazines of the martial law years, Techblade would be the millennial version of Popular Mechanics crossed with Omni Magazine". 

Zeno, just like his ancient Greek namesake is a philosopher of sorts.  In his online profiles, he touts himself as a Startup Adventurer/Marketing guy/Publisher.  Asked how he ties everything altogether, this is what he had to say, "Techblade is my startup.  No, it may not be a tech startup as we know it.  It's a media startup".

Here's to a bright future for the Philippines - a nation to be known for its excellent scientists, technologists, educators, and more.


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