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Looking for funding for your Startup? Head out to the golf course!

Research says that Millennials are time starved and do not have four to five hours to spare for a golf game.  Well, I think it is all a matter of perspective.  Playing golf is one of the best things a startup founder can have up his or her sleeve if the objective is to secure seed funding.

With the number of startups growing, so grows the need for investment into the said startups.  Most startups will run to the usual suspects.  The Kickstarts, the Ideaspaces, most founders make the beeline to the incubators, or at least have them as the top-of-mind resource.

From where I sit, I can see a great disconnection from the people who need the seed funding and the ones who could provide it.  The question is, are the startup founders willing to go out and get it where it's at?  I recently told my daughter, "When the time comes that you have a startup of your own, you know where to head for if your group needs the funding".

Startup founders on the golf course will practically have four hours to tell their story.  No such thing as a two minute elevator pitch.  Well, you can do the two minute thing at the start, but you have ample time to stretch it out.

On the success rate, well let's put it this way - the appetite for risk taking of these guys may be higher if you come to think of the fact that most have a few million stuck around earning less than 1 percent per annum in a bank.

So having said this, maybe it's time for the founders to start polishing the swing.  I heard that while there's the annual Geeks on a Beach event, there's also an Angels on a Golf Course coming up soon.


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