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On Starting A Startup

Over the past few months I have hooked up with some young guys who are keen on starting their tech startup, or have actually commenced their startup journey. I really admire them for their fervor in chasing their dreams. Kudos guys!

Through progressive discussions though, it has only become more evident that the young visionaries need to be stabilized with solid footing on basic business practice.

As such, I recommend that brushing up on these topics are of prime importance. Other books on tech startups can come in as additional reading. This however is integral not just for tech but for business as a whole.

Here's the analogy. We have too many drivers on EDSA but perhaps I estimate that only 40% know the rules AND follow the rules. Same in the tech startup scene. Too many people who may know how to "drive" a startup, but compliance on the basic rules of business is a different story.

The picture above is a collection of books I saw at Bridges Bookstore in V-Mall, Greenhills yesterday. I arranged them for a shot so that those interested can check on these titles.

Lloyd Tronco is a Certified Digital Marketer and Out-Of-Home Media Strategist.  His experience in entrepreneurship started in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental selling home made ice-candy during summers. He currently does marketing consultancy for tech startups.