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How Two Non-Dentists Are Helping Shape The Future Of Dental Practice Management

Medix Founder, Marc Medina (R) and Co-Founder, Lloyd Tronco
(L) are reshaping how young dentists will keep records in the future.
MANILA, Philippines - The dental profession is one which is clearly shaped by the dentists themselves.  Seldom does it happen when non-dental practitioners contribute to the path of the future of dental practice.

In this day and age of business disruption though, two non-dental practitioners are helping shape the future of clinic management for dentists with an online platform which helps dental professionals manage their records.

For the longest time, dentists have been keeping records on a 3x5 inch index card with chartings of fillings and actual tooth condition.  All of that is set to change in the next few years as an app called Medix slowly but steadily gains ground among Filipino dentists.

Medix ( www.medix.ph ) is an online platform for dentists to keep their records and simplify their management through the use of digital technology.  Medix CEO, Marc Medina, is a Computer Science graduate whose family background involved selling dentist chairs.  His Co-Founder in this technology startup, Lloyd Tronco, is a seasoned advertising professional whose credentials include being part of multinational ad agencies like McCann-Erickson.  Together, the two non-dentists have drawn on their own fields of expertise to propel Medix to be part of the standard tools of the trade in a dentist's clinic.

"It's not an easy climb, this path to getting Medix accepted among current dentists", says Medina.  "Perhaps the greatest hindrance would be the clinic secretary, and the fact that some dentists still need to adapt to technology.  But we've seen interest.  Interest is high, all we need to push for is adaptability".

From the end of Tronco, who serves as Chief Marketing Officer, he says, "It's just a matter of time.  We're patient (no pun intended).  The dental students who are currently in dental colleges are our hope.  They are the ones who no longer need to adapt to smartphones and tablets.  As we speak, they are glued to those devices".  He adds, "When the time comes for them to start their practice, these young dentists will hardly resort to the 3x5 card.  They'll immediately go digital via Medix".

True enough, as more dentists are glued to their iPads, iPhones, Androids and tablets, there is no other way for dental practitioners to go but use a digital platform like Medix to not only keep records but also create appointments and manage the entire clinic.